Saturday, 17 March 2012

Tomorrow is auction day, yay! S yesterday I went to see what there would be for sale. Lots of lovely stuff. I especially liked some of the pewter jewelry and some of the prints of the original works of Swedish artist Dardel. What do you think? I love the muted colors and the atmosphere. But since I love retro things too, I found a lovely lamp designed by P. O Ström (do not know the manufacturer) and this orange Asian tea set. Hope you're having a good Saturday.


  1. I LOVE the lamp!! Where you successful in your bidding?

  2. The lamp IS just stunning! :) but I decided against bidding since I've got a "knubbling", which is quite similar - brown and white, though. And I just love the yellow. I do have a thing for lamps - and chairs! Thanks for asking. :)