Friday, 13 April 2012

I love going to the local library. Of course,  I always go straight to the craft/design section. Yesterday I found this beautiful book which takes a new spin on traditional Swedish embroidery. Why not embroider your toddler's onesie, or your own Dalecarlian hoodie? The designs in this book, "Karins broderier", are mainly from the region of Dalarna and from the southern most parts of Sweden.  When going through this book I did not only feel the urge to start embroidering immediately, but also realized I had some stained tablecloths with beautiful embroidery that I could upcycle (never throw anything away!). I especially loved the embroidered pillow cases in this book. These are special because they are embroidered on the side rather than on the front. The reason for this is that the stitches would not be worn out by you laying your head on it every night. Also, it served as part of decoration of your bedroom: the beautifully embroidered side of the pillow would be turned to the door of the room, so that guests who peeked through it could catch a glimpse of your handiwork.  Inspiring, don't you think?

What I missed in this book was Jämtlandsöm, which comes from the region of Jämtland. Jämtlandsöm seems to be hard to find patterns on, but it is a real fun style. You can have a peek at it, and many other types of embroidery, on the blog, which is run by a very talented blogger!

Tuesday, 10 April 2012


I can never get enough of Stig Lindberg's design, can you? I especially adore his illustrations for children's books from the 50s and 60s. The books above are 2 of them, which are also part of my shop update. The ABC book is what I would like to have had at school when learning the alphabet! The other book is about the boy Krakel Spektakel. Krakel and his friend decide to buy a lollipop for Krakel's birthday money, but - of course -  end up buying the whole sweet shop. A kid's dream, no doubt. Have you got a favorite Stig Lindberg design?

Monday, 9 April 2012

Hello and nearly belated Happy Easter. before I am going to Easter dinner with the family I want to share some of the yesterday's spring projects. This fabulous Ikea fabric has been in my wardrobe waiting to be made into something. It turned out it was perfect for new bedding  - and I have more to make into matching spring curtains. I go through times when I try to refrain from using color, but I always come back to lots of color, nevertheless.

Instead of a flower or an Easter egg as a holiday gift I like to give my mum something handmade  - a thank you for making lovely Easter dinners and bringing everyone together. This year I made a little nest using dried grass and withered flowers. In the nest rests 2 fabric eggs, which I made, using this egg pattern from Retro Mama - they were not as easy to make as I thought they would be! The little chicken Easter egg I bought a local second hand shop, and it's from the 60s. So cute. of course it has just hatched from its "real egg". The glass bowl was probably made in Sweden in the 60s too.

On my to do list today is to make a bunny using this Martha Stewart pattern. A kind neighbor has given me this GP & J Baker Nympheus fabric, so I am using that. What do you like making for Easter? Have a lovely Monday.

PS. This is how he turned out! if you love him enough to buy he is waiting for you in my Etsy shop. :)

Monday, 2 April 2012

Sometimes it is difficult to decide which treasures to sell and which to keep. Lately I have found some really lovely things, like this dress in juicy spring colors made in Paris ( I especially LOVE the big front pockets!!) and this handmade rose pillow. But they are not the only things that I cannot decide on...

I always had a weak spot for fabrics. And so my heart beat a bit faster when I found these two pieces of vintage goodies: the flowery one is sort of a barkcloth material. It is called Svensk sommar (Swedish summer) and was designed by Al Eklund, who later joined the Laurids Lönborg company to make some of the most iconic patterns of 60s Scandinavia. The other is a Björn Wiinblad fabric!!!! I have never come across anything like it before. Maybe you readers know the name and date? I cannot help but think that it is quite rare, and that putting my scissors into it would be a crime.


But would it not be great to have a Nymölle dress for summer? What would you make of it? Would you keep or sell? Hope you have a lovely Monday.