Monday, 9 April 2012

Hello and nearly belated Happy Easter. before I am going to Easter dinner with the family I want to share some of the yesterday's spring projects. This fabulous Ikea fabric has been in my wardrobe waiting to be made into something. It turned out it was perfect for new bedding  - and I have more to make into matching spring curtains. I go through times when I try to refrain from using color, but I always come back to lots of color, nevertheless.

Instead of a flower or an Easter egg as a holiday gift I like to give my mum something handmade  - a thank you for making lovely Easter dinners and bringing everyone together. This year I made a little nest using dried grass and withered flowers. In the nest rests 2 fabric eggs, which I made, using this egg pattern from Retro Mama - they were not as easy to make as I thought they would be! The little chicken Easter egg I bought a local second hand shop, and it's from the 60s. So cute. of course it has just hatched from its "real egg". The glass bowl was probably made in Sweden in the 60s too.

On my to do list today is to make a bunny using this Martha Stewart pattern. A kind neighbor has given me this GP & J Baker Nympheus fabric, so I am using that. What do you like making for Easter? Have a lovely Monday.

PS. This is how he turned out! if you love him enough to buy he is waiting for you in my Etsy shop. :)

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