Friday, 12 October 2012

Things are changing. :) From next week this blog will also have a shop! Prepare for Moomin and lots of other Scandinavian goodies. It will be a compliment to my Etsy shop. You shop by contacting me via e-mail and you can pay by Paypal. I am of course happy to take custom orders. Welcome!


  1. Hi, Theresa, I have a question for you: I desperately want this

    But when I tried to check out there was something wrong with my etsy account. I have contacted etsy twice to fix that but they are being slow and I am afraid I will lose my chance, could you reserve it for me? Etsy wouldn't even let me send you a message through etsy, silly. Thanks!

  2. oh no! i see you reserved it for someone else! i was trying to keep it in my cart until etsy fixed the problem, but now i guess it's too late? I tried to buy this yesterday and today!!!