Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Today we are celebrating the Swedish national holiday. How? Well, I am going to flea markets here there and eveywhere! Probably not what one had in mind for a proper celebration for what is considered to be the election of the first king of Sweden, Gustav Vasa. Have a lovely Sweden Day - please feel free to browse the Etsy shop for Sweden Day discounts. :)


  1. hi there! You posted a funny looking rusty kitchen utensil in etsy (with a heart cut out). That one is used for chopping cooked vegetables, like beetroot, potatoes or carrots for the traditional kind of salads. (not meat, never meat)
    Similar styles can be purchased in Österbotten or Western Finland, mostly in Hemlöjd kind of stores.

    1. Sorry for this late replay. Thank you very much! Being a vegan I am happy it's not a meat chopper I sold. :)